Thursday, March 1, 2012

Critical Miss

Hey, guys!

Have you ever read Critical Miss? Well, it's one of my favorite webcomics. Created by Johnathan Grey Carter and Cory Ridel for The Escapist, It's the story about Erin Stout, a videogame journalist for a fictitious website called Out of Tens.

So, anyway, something weird happened to her after a car accident, and now she hallucinates about videogame characters all day... Long story short, over here.

Why am I telling you this? Well, one of his artists took a brief vacation so they held a little contest in order to have a couple of guest artist to cover him up. As you may've realized, I entered the contest (check my pixelated Erin!) and even tough I didn't win I had a lot of fun making my submission.

The strip I draw is related to one of Erin's early hallucinations, so I recommend you to check this before you go on.

So, anyway J. G. Carter posted all the submissions on his tumblr account, and you can check mine over here.

UPDATE: Since the link from above doesn't seem to work anymore, I have no other alternative than upload the comic myself, check it out:

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