Monday, May 5, 2014

Inverted Controls: Can you tell me which way is up?

Everything is fine...
It happens all the time. Whenever someone is about to play on a controller (or a profile) I was just using, there’s always that question I need to make, and—more or less—a dialogue like the following takes place:

-Can you play with inverted controls?
-What’s that?
-It’s like, when you press up, the camera goes down, and when you press down, the camera goes up.
-What? No. I like it when up is up, and down is down!

Yes, that’s right dear readers. My name is Daniel Castro and I play with inverted controllers; this is one of the reasons I’m familiar with the controller settings menu of every game I play. Not only I need to make sure that inverted Y-axis is “on” whenever I’m about to play, I also need to change it back to “how normal people play” when someone el se is going to use that same controller.

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