Friday, February 21, 2014

Halo 4: The Tale of the Teabaggin Mantis

This is a guest comic I did for —another of my favorite webcomic series— when they gave me chance of making a pixelated interpretation of its characters. Since their comic series covers more recent videogame news, I used this opportunity as a vehicle to rant about my exact feelings toward the Mantis Trailer prior to Halo 4's release date.

You can read the full comic here.

[After this comic had been published, I still needed to talk about the reasons why I ended up doing it, which I post at GamesBeat, but you can also read it right here:]

This [the events on the comic strip] is basically what happened to me when I watched the Mantis trailer for Halo 4. I was pretty much excited watching how cool that vehicle/mech is going to be, and then — at the end of said trailer — I was reminded of the shitty behavior the online gaming community is well known for.

And this just happened on the same week that David Vargas, the "Pictureman" behind the Adventures of Dave the Direman, asked me to do a guest strip for them.

I don’t know if Microsoft or 343 Industries have noticed it, but there are people out here trying to change the way video games are perceived by the mainstream, and this video basically goes in the opposite direction.

Even though I’m curious about the new story for this sequel, no matter how polished the game looks now, it still feels like the same game we’ve been playing for 10 years, and I got enough of that.

Before watching this video, I wasn’t interested in buying Halo 4 as a matter of taste, but now it has become a matter of principles; I can’t stand behind a game that encourages the worst of the gaming community.

A teabagging giant mech in your official trailer? Really? I’m an adult, dammit! Would you mind targeting your “Mature-rated” games to the right audience?

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